Hi Rangers!

Some of you know that my life had a sad AND a happy beginning sort of like my puppy brother Rocket. The sad part is that I was born in a shed to a feral mom in Colorado in the cold of  late October. One night, when I was 3 weeks old, it was sooo cold that I almost froze to death!! I was barely breathing and my heart rate was VERY SLOW. The happy part is that Barb found me laying in a snow bank that night, put me in her pocket and took me home. She wrapped me in a tiny blanket underneath a heat lamp. It was a miracle, but I woke up and was a healthy kitty from then on. I am 14 ½ years old and still a happy boy!!

Do you know what a feral cat is? It is a cat that is wild and homeless and is not comfortable around people. You might see them in your neighborhood but they won’t let you touch them or play with them.  If I had stayed living in the shed for a few more months I would have been a feral kitty, but Barb found me when I young enough to change and be part of a family. YEAH!!! Who wouldn’t want to have Rocket for a brother???? Sometimes you see a stray cat that DOES let you handle it. That probably means it is not really feral but has lost it’s home. Maybe you can help find it’s family or find it a new home.

Since we can’t take feral cats into our families, what can we do to help them???? The best thing is to trap them in special cages, take them into the vet to be spayed or neuterd and then release them back to where you found them. There is a special group in Phoenix called ALTERED TAILS that loans people the traps and shows them how to use them. Then they spay or neuter them for $25. If we do that, the colony of cats will not get bigger and may even disappear when the last ones get old. Sometimes kind people leave food for the feral cat colonies in their neighborhood . You sure need grownups to help with this but, since feral cats can cause problems, so they may be happy to know what to do! Just go to the website www.alteredtails.org to learn more.

I wish I could come meet you Rangers in person, but I really hate to go in the car ! We can be friends on the website, OK?

Moew for Now,


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